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Effectively Combining Transparency with Privacy

Introducing Cloaking Technology for Privacy & Security Glass Solutions



The Casper product offering includes the cloaking technology and a suite of 15 optional graphic patterns specifically designed to complement the Casper Cloaking Technology. The Casper cloaking technology can be used on its own or combined with one of these patterns to dial in the perfect balance of openness and privacy.

Step into the Unseen – Safeguarding Your Conference Room Privacy

In an age where privacy is paramount, we introduce a groundbreaking fusion of cloaking technology and security glass – a revolutionary step in ensuring conference room privacy and beyond. Uncover the unseen, explore the unknown, and harness the power of invisibility to safeguard your most confidential interactions.

Cloaking with Clarity:

Our cutting-edge cloaking technology manipulates light waves to render objects and individuals invisible on LED Displays, offering an unprecedented layer of privacy. Incorporated into office environment glass, this innovation becomes a powerful tool, shielding you from prying eyes while maintaining the transparency and integrity of the glass when needed.

Tailored for Conference Room Privacy:

Specifically designed with the corporate world in mind, our cloaking technology embedded in security glass is a game-changer for conference room privacy. Engage in confidential discussions, secure in the knowledge that your conversations and information remain concealed, yet with the flexibility to return to transparency at your control.

Secure the Unseen:

Our glass solutions, integrated with cloaking technology, are a fortress of invisibility. Whether you’re discussing sensitive information, intellectual property, or future strategies, rest assured that your secrets are well-guarded behind our invisible shield.

Sustainability Meets Security:

Crafted with a commitment to ecological responsibility, our cloaking technology in privacy and security glass incorporates environmentally friendly materials and processes. Secure your privacy without compromising the well-being of our planet.

Your Privacy, Our Priority: Adherence to international safety and compliance standards is at the core of our innovation. Experience the blend of invisibility and invincibility, enveloped in a cocoon of safety and reliability.

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