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There's a 100% chance something will wreck the paint on your car. Rocks, bugs, sand, keys, salt, rings - you name it. 3M's clear, 8 mil thick film tirelessly protects your paint, even when you can't. Get it professionally applied to the high-impact, vulnerable areas of your vehicle.

Corio Design is a 3M certified installer, ready to offer quality turn-key paint protection for your vehicle.

  • Keeps your vehicle looking newer longer

  • Protects paint against chips, scratches, stains, and elements

  • Durable and maintenance-free

  • Car enhance the resale value

  • Features self-healing technology

In addition, 3M has a 10-year warranty! 3M is the only company that offers the ability to back up the product promise for the customer's paint surface

Photo_Front Fender Film Up.jpg
Photo_Back Wheel Film up_cmyk.jpg
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